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Applied Biology and Biotechnology

ABB is an open-access, online journal that has been publishing peer-reviewed articles since 2012, with an emphasis on all aspects of biological Sciences such as Conservation biology, Plant biotechnology, reproductive biology of plants and animals, Aquaculture, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics  and Environmental biotechnology. It publishes original contributions into several major areas such as Plant and animal tissue culture, drug and vaccine development of natural product, Histopathology, toxicology and genotoxicology etc.........…


Our Journal publishes original research article, invited,  submitted and review articles. Annals of Botany welcomes papers in all areas of plant science. These include those applying molecular, analytical, mathematical and statistical techniques to examine topical questions at any level of biological organization ranging from cell to community, from tissue culture to crop production, and from microclimate to ecosystem. Its scope extends to all flowering and non-flowering taxa, and to taxonomic and evolutionary questions particularly when these are addressed using molecular tools.


About The Journal
 Editor in Chief

Dr. S. Darwin Paul Edison


Assistant Professor,

Department of Botany,

St.John' S College,



Associate Editor

Dr.A.Asharaja, M.Sc.,Ph.D.,

Assistant Professor,

P.G. and Research Department of Zoology,

P.M.T. College,Melaneelithanallur,

Tenkasi District - 627953,Tamil Nadu,


Mobile: 9787954377

E-mail: asharajaento@gmail.com

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