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Applied Biology and Biotechnology
Natural products have played a key role in drug discovery, especially for cancer and infectious diseases. The aim of study was to investigate the preliminary phytochemical analysis and antibacterial potential of methanolic extract of Indigofera linnaei roots using disk diffusion method against human bacterial pathogens. The report of the present work observed that methanolic extract of roots revealed that active compounds of flavonoids, tannin and saponin were detected in coloring test. The methanolic extract of Indigofera linnaei roots observed that maximum activity of both bacterial strains of S. aureus and P. aeruginosa were observed by the present study.
Keywords: Indigofera linnaei; Fabaceae; roots; extracts; active compounds; antibacterial activity
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 Current Volume No. 9(4)                              December, 2021

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Preliminary investigation of phytochemical analysis and antibacterial activity of Methanolic extract of Indigofera linnaei Ali roots (Fabaceae)

M. Maridass
Fissd’s Research Institute of Conservation Ecology, Tirunelveli,Tamilnadu-627011,India.