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Pteridological Research  (Fern Journal)
Sope of this Journal

Journal aim is encourage in pioneer scholar and scientist in the all over the world. Communicated research article is quick response and peer reviewed by three experts of related fields and after published in forth coming issue.

Pteridological Research is dedicated to the lower vascular plants of Pteridophytes (ferns, horsetails and clubmosses) of the world. In the last decades, ferns and allied plants - especially subspecies and hybrids - were often neglected by botanists, so that reliable data about distribution and status of pteridophytes species is often lacking. Which journal is encourage in the pteridophytes research and discovery of new species in wild and check-list of the pteridophytes numbers are increasing in world.

Pteridological Research publishes research articles and essays that report the results of original research and present conceptual advances of broad interest and significance within all areas of Taxonomy, cell biology, genetics, and developmental biology, phytochemistry and pharmacology. Manuscript submissions whose scope bridges several areas of taxonomy, cell and developmental biology are particularly encouraged.

Pteridological Research  is a peer-reviewed, and open access journal that will be published in yearly two volumes (June and  December). Pteridological Research is dedicated to innovative ideas of vascular cryptogam across all biological disciplines with the ultimate aim of expanding knowledge of the endangered species in this field.

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