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Nature of Pharmaceutical Technology
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Volume No. 12(1)                                                                               15,March ,2022

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Essential oils composition of flower of Leucas aspera in Tamilnadu
M. Maridass
Fissd’s Research Institute of Conservation Ecology, Tirunelveli-627011,Tamilnadu
*Corresponding Author Email: fissdrice@gmail.com
Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link (Synonym Leucas plukenetii (Roth) Spreng.) is a species of annual branched herb belonging to the Lamiaceae, and distributed throughout in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Malaysia, and Mauritius.  L. aspera has been traditionally medicinally used as an antipyretic, insecticide, and as a remedy for toothache; its flowers are used as an expectorant, stimulant, diaphoretic, antirheumatic, and antipsoriatic, while its leaves are useful in treating snake bites.  The present study was aim to identification of essential oils constituent and antimicrobial activity of Leucas aspera flowers. The essential oil was obtained from the flower of L. aspera in hydro-distilled method. The isolation of essential oils was analyzed by GC-MS method. Antimicrobial activity of essential oils of L. aspera were determine by the disk diffusion methods. The total yield of the essential oils was 2.34%. The results of the present study were forty-eight active compounds identified, representing 96.29% of the total oil. The main constituents were identified as isoamyl propionate (16.67) and isoamyl propionate (11.01%), hexadecane (6.9%). The maximum activity of essential oil of L. aspera flower active against Staphylococcus aureus. The conclusion of the present study is essential oils obtained from L.aspera flowers, which is  shows in vitro anti-microbial potential effect may be act as the presence of isoamyl propionate (16.67) and isoamyl propionate (11.01%), hexadecane (6.9%).
Key words:  Essential oils; flower; Leucas aspera (Willd.) Linn. ; Lamiaceae, antimicrobial activity.