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We are resolved to provoke assessment and production of completely acknowledged papers in all World Scientific and Imperial College Press diaries. To keep up a fantastic distribution, all entries experience a thorough audit process. Attributes of the associate audit process are as per the following:


Synchronous entries of a similar composition to various diaries won't go on without serious consequences.


Original copies with substance outside the degree won't be considered for audit.

Papers will be refereed by no less than 2 specialists as recommended by the publication board.


What's more, Editors will have the alternative of looking for extra surveys when required. Creators will be educated when Editors choose additionally survey is required.


All distribution choices are made by the diary's Editors-in-Chief based on the refs' reports. Creators of papers that are not acknowledged are advised quickly.

All submitted compositions are dealt with as classified reports. We expect our Board of Reviewing Editors and commentators to regard compositions as classified material also.


Editors and analysts engaged with the survey procedure ought to unveil irreconcilable situations coming about because of direct aggressive, communitarian, or different associations with any of the creators, and expel oneself from cases in which such clashes block a goal assessment. Advantaged data or thoughts that are acquired through companion survey must not be utilized for aggressive pick up.


Our associate audit process is secret and characters of commentators can't be uncovered.




World Scientific is an individual from CrossCheck. All original copies submitted will be checked for copyright infringement (replicating content or results from different sources) and self-counterfeiting (copying considerable parts of creators' own distributed work without giving the proper references) utilizing the CrossCheck database. Literary theft isn't endured.


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Peer Review Policy